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Draw an efficient gome under the staircase.


Draw Spider-Man falling through the rain.

draw a bearded train suffering from anxiety.

draw a bearded train suffering from anxiety.

Request fulfilled.

It feels seriously lackluster as i got REALLY lazy at the start of it, hopefully i will kick myself up the arse for the next drawing.

Thanks Aardvark x x

Draw poop getting pooped on.


Draw yourself.

No, not that way

I mean how you see yourself. How your emotions, beliefs, and generally thoughts would be if personified. In short, an idolized version of yourself.

Have you thought of livestreaming?

Just draw Kirby!

Draw a CyberDevil!

Back to animation ?

HEY YOU STILL ALIVE OR YOU FULLY GAVE UP!?!?! I hope your still here but ... it does not look like it.. *sigh* RIP wish I could of helped but I came to late I guess :/

@Cyberdevil why are there so many abonded accounts that could of been great potential ?!!? you know what i think i think they were sick of the mods ! I think they were sick of change cause most abonded accounts are in 2011 now tell me what was the big change in 2011 mr mod ? you wanna be a moderator right that why you flag down people alot so then moderators should help too now help me with this damn question what changed so drastically in 2011!! to make SO MANY PEOPLE LEAVE?!?! something fucking changed!!! cause I tell you what back in 2010 this site was wayyy diffrent than today infact I think it was better screw all this added shit its literally shit giving people the right to flag to gain power to abuse it with alittle loop holes! you know what you dont have to tell em *spits in face*

@RedeyestheSecound Well this post's from 2013, but we did get a major redesign in 2012. Pretty big change there. Things have definitely changed, for better or worse, but why all this hate man? I'm not a mod. No intention of becoming one.

Sup. Commander
Global Rank:15
B/P Bonus:60%

look familiar thats alot of flagging your doing to be a "non mod"

why am i mad because this ounce AMAZING SITE turned to shit cause of ass holes ! and you know what the out come of it was all the cool people from the begging left only a few remain cause they think its gonna change back some day .. It wont though that can only be a dream .
is tom even alive or is some one else using his account cause I kinda feel like its not toms fault and I mean it would not be hard for some one to kill some one and use there laptop or pc to use there accounts

@RedeyestheSecound A mod is someone who's officially assigned a task. Voluntary too, but I'm not bound in any way, I'm not ordered to do anything, I'm active because I love this place, and I plan on being around until either I'm gone or until NG is. Those numbers are a show of my dedication here IMO. Don't use those against me.

People keep saying it's changing, or dying, or both, but it's still here. I'm not saying I'm happy with all the changes, but I can live with most of them, and compared to other communities the same size it's the only one I know that actually does care about the users. That respects their privacy, and that actually interacts with them. You can actually contact the founder and get a response - which other place have you been on where that kind of thing is possible? Even if he doesn't make all the right decisions all the time it's clear that Tom's still really passionate about making this place the best it can be, and if his vision for this place is somewhat different than mine than so be it. I don't own this place, but I'll keep making myself heard because I really want it to stay as amazing as it was when I found it, even if they'll always try to keep improving it; keeping it relevant. Not all changes are the best in my view, but if my arguments hold any weight than maybe they change their minds about some things that IMO weren't the right changes. Like putting the Portal link back in the menu, and getting rid of the dropdowns. Currently I'm pushing to get pagination back.

One can only ask so much of a place that gives you everything for free. I feel like Tom's doing his best, but there's a lot of different interests involved, and a lot of different wants and needs. Everyone can't do everything right all the time, and you can't make everyone happy with every change. So far I respect what they've done, and the work they keep putting in. I haven't run into any mod problems myself so I can't talk about that. But reasoning goes a long way. Throwing stones will only make people hide or put up a wall.

Or throw something back.

@Cyberdevil im sorry as soon as i read this " it's the only one I know that actually does care about the users." nah maybe in 2011-2014 but now ha .. yeah if caring about users mean throwing them under a bus for a higher number to your "dedication of having no soul" yeah sure I can see that..

@RedeyestheSecound Name any community of similar size that cares more than NG. Really doubt there's any place anything like it on the same scale, with the same history; with as passionate people behind it. I definitely haven't found any.

@Cyberdevil https://www.pixiv.net/ ... any thing else you would like sir?

@RedeyestheSecound They do have pagination hmm, and it's definitely the right scale... though their announcements don't allow discussion, and I can't seem to find any contact info on the founder. Good to know about though. If they had music too I'd give it a shot.

@Cyberdevil dang did you see that new post I made for general I am gonna search down all the Long AFK accounts and as long as people post in it ill reply with ten more seance there is so many ! lol also I laughed about the conspiracy forum about madness and umm .. pico creators owning newgrounds instead of tom infact as if tom fulp was made by them XD

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