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As the third in what i would consider an ongoing series, i didn't really expect anything different in terms of jokes or set-ups, but i was surprised, i actually laughed out loud at some crude things like the ballsack on the plane or the locker full of tampons.

But, during most parts i found myself cringing at some of the faces, backgrounds, colourings and sounds, a lot of it seemed unfinished or lackluster but i could tell the heart was there.

Perhaps it would benefit Stainville and yourself to stop and look at the finished product before submitting it and really scrutinizing it for betterment, either way i enjoy these toons and you shouldn't stop making them, just make them better each episode!

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Thanks for the honesty, Footshack.

Mediocre collab, only some parts were truly worth watching and even then, i can't remember them that well...

There WAS one part though, it was all custom graphics and the character had a battle axe and a magnum-esque pistol.

That was decent, i'll give you 3 Stars for sheer effort on including so many parts.

Next time, try for a bit more originality.

Viridian responds:

Ok, thank ya for ze comment.

The best, David Grohl would love this.

Littleluckylink responds:

#1 pwn

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Oh hey look, it's Gish

Been done before a professional scale, but this game was still entertaining.

Keep it up!

Not Bad

The controls were a little laggy, but maybe that's the feel you wanted, a sort of build up to the higher speeds?

Also the air turning was way to fast, i could just about let go of the arrow key and i'd be upside down.

The menus are beautiful as are the interactive features on them.

Not much to improve upon really, just different levels and maybe some unique challenges or maybe boss levels?

A race perhaps or best trick event?

Haha, not bad.

Some pretty good artwork there, and cool im second Co-Authored.

We should make another one.

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Great tune

Easily desrving of Ten Stars, it sounds like a sick end credit song or a set up to an intense scene.

Well done.

dx5231 responds:


Elegance in its purest form.

Well done the two of you on this it's beautifully put together and the two sound you gie gel well with one another.

5/5 & 10 Stars.

Utter Shit

And if you believe Utter Shit = Goodness then you are right.

Hiiii Engannnnnn!!!!111

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Luis has a dick on his necklace.

You can't fool me.


The level of detail is good and the stance is a bad turn off, so good job pointing it out before hand.

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